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An activity like carriage rides is an ideal way to feel a closer contact with nature while enjoying the tourist attraction and reminiscent of customs and traditions of the past. In our case, it also offers the opportunity to contemplate the sites of great scenic value like the natural park has.

Plan of the Natural Park of La Breña y Marismas del Barbate

Plan of the Natural Park of La Breña y Marismas del Barbate


  1. Faro de Trafalgar.
  2. Entry / Exit of the natural park.
  3. Cañada del Álamo.
  4. Cuesta de los Arrumbales.
  5. Mirador de Trafalgar stop.
  6. Torre de Meca.
  7. Mirador de Trafalgar.
  1. Road to the Torre de Meca.
  2. Majales del Sol route. Eucalyptus Road.
  3. Majales del Sol Recreation Area.
  4. Road from Majales del Sol to Palomar de la Breña.
  5. Rise to the Watch Tower.
  6. El Jarillo Recreation Area.
  7. Palomar de la Breña.


Some of the aforementioned places of tourist interest, of great beauty and historical importance are:

Torre de Meca

Torre de Meca

The tower belongs to the system of towers of coastal surveillance commanded by Felipe II in the XVI century to defend the Spanish coasts of the Berber pirates.

At the moment it is conserved in good state thanks to the restoration carried out by the Junta de Andalucía in the 90s.

Mirador de Trafalgar

Mirador de Trafalgar

It is located about 200 meters from the Torre de Meca and we can see some extraordinary views: the Tómbolo de Trafalgar (declared a natural monument in 2001), the Faro de Trafalagar, Los Caños de Meca and if the weather is good, an unforgettable sunset.

Historically in that coast took place in 1805 the famous Battle of Trafalgar, which faced the Franco-Spanish fleet against the British army.

Palomar de la Breña

Palomar de la Breña

According to the Book Guinness of Records, it holds the title of the world’s largest dovecote. The large complex has more than 7500 pigeon nests.

Currently inactive, it is located on an 18th century hacienda that was built to supply ships departing for America.


A carriage ride can be a very fun activity if you are traveling in a group, like family or friends.

Our offer of rides through the natural park is distributed in several possible itineraries, which always include visits to historical monuments and places of landscape richness. Each proposed route is not closed, after consultation can be established rides whose route is drawn on demand.


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In each ride the drivers usually make improvised guides providing information and reviews on each tourist attraction that we are going to visit. If the situation requires it, you could also have an expert tour guide who could do the route in Spanish, English or German.

The duration of each proposed route ranges from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Route 1: Torre de Meca and Mirador de Trafalgar

The exit would be made from the access of the natural park (2). You would arrive at Mirador de Trafalgar (7) following the Cañada del Álamo (3) and Cuesta de los Arrumbales (4) and stopping at Torre de Meca (6). Finally return back to the beginning. Alternatively, the ride could be extended to include a stop at the Majales del Sol Recreation Area (10).

Route 2: Palomar de la Breña

On this route the exit would be from the Majales del Sol recreation area (10) to the Palomar de la Breña (14) following the road up to the Watch Tower (12) to finally return to begin point.